Twanine is my favourite yoga teacher. She manages to challenge and help you push boundaries, whilst at the same time making it fun and enjoyable. She also uses the session to help you focus on your intentions for the week which I found to be very helpful and effective. ~ Catherine M.

Twanine's classes are a small window of finding my zen in a busy week. Her soothing voice and manner help my focus and she encourages you to push yourself further, without making you feel you need to or have to, for those days when you don’t have the strength to push, but still want to practise. I feel I am constantly learning and evolving through the lessons.  ~ Marisa B 

I was quite a newbie to Yoga when I first went to a class with Twanine. She brings the fun (very important to me!) to my practice. If I’m having a bad day or week – 90 min Flow the beat with Twanine cancels my bad mood every time. Twanine gets me to push and challenge myself in every class – I’ve learnt a lot from her. ~ Bex J.

Twanine is a powerful, yet soft and nurturing teacher. She always brings a sense of joy and humour to her teaching and is real in all she says and does in her classes and the sentiment of loving yourself always shines through. A pure delight! ~ Lucy K.