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Growing up, I had it all figured out. I knew who I was and where I was going, with so many hopes and dreams for the future. Then life happened, and I was forced to wake up. Moving from South Africa to London at 23 was a big change. At the time I was deeply in love, but my relationship was also shifting. Little by little, fear crept in and overshadowed our bond.

And then out of the blue, he died, and everything came tumbling down.

Not wanting to ask for help I pushed people away, fell into darkness and became a shadow of myself. I became lost and thought I would never find my way through. Yoga had always been there in the background. From the dance classes I loved as a kid, to the vinyasa flows I picked up, I needed that connection to my body. It was only after such a major life event that I found my way to my mat and began to cultivate a regular practice.

Moving with my breath and to the rhythm of my body, thinking about nothing else but this moment, saved me. After losing my best friend and love, after feeling totally lost and alone, practicing yoga brought me back to myself, and back into the light. Slowly but surely, I learned to move my body in sync with my heart, and I learned to let go.

Ultimately, yoga taught me acceptance. Acceptance of what had happened and how it had shaped me. Yoga also created the space to allow love back in, and it relit the twinkle in my eye. Every human action / reaction is based on fear or love. I learnt the hard way that life is too short to let fear overshadow the love.


Through my teaching, I offer students the space to feel what needs to be felt, but not to let it consume you. My classes are both challenging and gentle, allowing each individual to be exactly where they are in life, and to let go.